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Reasons to get on board!

Portage Lakes Community was created and is optimized to be THE premier source for information, events, and more around the Portage Lakes. If you’re within five(5) miles of the Portage Lakes Clock Tower, your Team PLX web page can be an excellent asset to your main website – or use your page here as your main site.

We’re easy to find on the web – so you will be too!


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SAVE $50 —> ONLY $250


  • Top search engine rankings. Page one results is what Team PLX strives for – because our sponsors deserve optimum results. Established in 1997, we’ve evolved and fine-tuned our website design and marketing techniques for over 20 years…we’ve got lots of experience doing this – and many very satisfied clients!

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Google – Page ONE for “Portage Lakes”

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Yahoo – Page ONE for “Portage Lakes”

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  • Mobile friendly across ALL devices. A LOT of our visitors stop by our site with their mobile tablets and phones, therefore our entire site (including all of our sponsor pages) are mobile-optimized for the premium quality experience our visitors expect.

I’m sure you agree YOUR web presence deserves no less.


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  • Affordable. $25 every month works out to less than a coffee a day. Though that doesn’t seem like a lot, within our format it transforms into a powerful driving force with keyword optimized web pages marketed specifically for each individual member.
  • Traffic. May, June and July brought over 19,000 visitors to the Portage Lakes Community website. Over 1,050+ likes on Facebook assures you that we keep in touch with our visitors!
  • We’re PLX locals. Raised in Ohio and in the area for a decade, we’re in our dream home (all 900 square feet of it) that is nestled in the heart of the Portage Lakes. This is the best way we know to share our skills and knowledge with this wonderful community – promoting our members through the most affordable and powerful platform we can offer that delivers excellent results.

Take a minute to JOIN US!

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Shops & Stores | Service Providers | Clubs & Organizations | Special Events & Shows

ALL PLC sponsorship pages and full websites are custom built, fully optimized for their target market, and include:

  • Multiple pictures
  • Regular updates and optimization
  • Links to your full website
  • Monthly Google Adwords marketing
  • Monthly Facebook social media promotion
  • Video options available
  • Events listed on our calendar & Facebook page


PortageLakesCommunity Sponsorship is ONLY $25* PER MONTH!

Portage Lakes Community…. Our Neighbors, Your Network

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SAVE $50 —> ONLY $250


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*QUARTERLY = $75/3-months
12-Month Total = $300